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Internet Data Center (IDC)

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Blue Hat’s operating subsidiary Xunpusen Technology Co., Ltd. ("Xunpusen") is an innovative communication services and IDC business provider. Our IDC business is primarily focused on enterprise communication, including server hosting, national transmission, CDN (Content Delivery Network) and other services. Our server hosting service helps clients to monitor operational performance, applications, systems, networks as well as basic infrastructure. It has a 24-7 monitoring system with all-day standby operators that allow for a high response rate when emergencies occur. 

Xunpusen has cooperative data centers located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia and Liaoning, with a total of 200 cabinets. We anticipate expanding into other cities and have filed plans to add more than 1,000 cabinets with the government. Clients include China tech giants JD.com, Tencent and Huawei across various industries (mobile internet, e-commerce, logistics, among others).

China is one of the fastest-growing IDC markets in the Asia Pacific region due to the rapid growth of internet users, streaming media, online gaming, e-commerce, and data center industry. The market is expected to expand as a considerable gap can be seen when comparing the number of data centers between the United States and China.

Over the past several months, Blue Hat has announced partnerships with a number of reputable communication companies including one of China’s top three operators of telecommunications network and one of China’s top three public cloud service providers, which will help accelerate the growth of the IDC business and expand sales channels for Blue Hat’s other lines of business into the future.

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Interactive Toys

AR RacerAR Crazy Bug3D Magic BoxTalking Tom and Friends Bouncing Bubble 4 in 1AR

Our interactive toy products resemble traditional children’s toys - including cars, ladybugs, picture books, and dolls - which are enabled with wireless technology to facilitate a broad variety of interactive functions. The interactive functionality of our products broadens the user experience, creates a communicative environment, and facilitates an ongoing relationship between us and our end users and between our end users and our products. We believe such an immersive entertainment experience allows our users to build strong emotional connections to our products, resulting in our products typically having longer life cycles than traditional toys.


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AR Racer

AR Racer 1AR Racer 2

AR Racer is a car-racing mobile game played using a physical toy car stuck onto the user's mobile device screen using non-adhesive materials. Blue Hat's photosensitive recognition technology allows the toy car to be used as a controller, so that users can virtually race one another via the simulated racing track, as well as engage in individual races.

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AR Crazy Bug

AR Crazy Bug 1AR Crazy Bug 2

AR Crazy Bug (previously named "AR Need a Spanking" in SEC filings) is an exciting combat game played using a ladybug-shaped electronic toy. Blue Hat's infrared induction technology allows the user to control the toy’s movement via their mobile device for game play in battle dynamics, while simultaneously moving the toy in reality. The mobile device shows virtual enemies while also capturing the position of the toy in the real world, allowing the user to approach or escape its combatants.

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AR 3D Magic Box

3d magic box 13D magic Box 3

AR 3D Magic Box has the unique ability to transport children’s drawings into diverse backgrounds, giving the user a discovery-based experience. AR 3D Magic Box uses AR recognition technology to allow children to draw shapes or objects onto a physical card while the mobile game captures the drawings and animates them onto a set background, for example, under the sea.

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AR Dinosaur

ar dinosaurar dinosaur

AR Dinosaur is an educational toy that comes in a variety of five different types of dinosaur, each of which has their own personality and emotions. Through interacting with the toy and its accompanying mobile app, children can learn a wealth of information about dinosaurs. The product comes with five physical “AR cards”, which when placed under the toy will activate its AR features.

“Talking Tom and Friends” Bouncing Bubble

Talking Tomtalking tom


Bouncing Bubble is a product designed using environmentally-friendly and toxic-free liquid, allowing for larger, stronger bubbles that won’t easily pop. Children can bounce these bubbles using a paddle or gloves as if they were ping pong balls. The new “Talking Tom and Friends” Bouncing Bubble product range features images of characters from the universe of the globally renowned “Talking Tom and Friends” media franchise.

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Mobile Games

Mobile game 1 Mobile game 2 Mobile game 3

Mobile game development is one of our core interactive entertainment segments. Following the success of our first mobile game “Quan Min Dou Yu”, we continue to expand our business with the acquisition of Chinese mobile game developer Csfctech Co., increasing Blue Hat’s mobile game portfolio by over 100 titles.

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AR Education

AR Education 1 AR Education 2 AR Education 3

We provide our Augmented Reality Immersive Classes (“ARIC”) to preschools throughout China and work closely with these schools to integrate our digital solutions with a new STEAM-focused curriculum for young students.

Blue Hat announced the launch of an upgrade to the original ARIC system in April 2021 called the “Augmented Reality Plus” or AR+ series curriculum, which includes full-thinking courses, little leaders courses, and courses focused on physical fitness, safety and self-care.

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